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Chahat Kumar, an eight-month-old baby from Punjab, India, has left doctors puzzled with her morbid obesity. Despite being born with an average weight, Chahat started rapidly gaining size at just four months old. Now weighing a staggering 38lbs (2.7 stones), equivalent to an average four-year-old, her parents are growing increasingly worried about her health.

Chahat’s father, Suraj Kumar, recalls, “When Chahat was born, she was completely normal”. Her parents cannot understand the cause behind her insatiable appetite, leaving them concerned and desperate for answers. Her mother, Reena, shares her fears, saying, “Now, we have a single child only, and I don’t want to lose her.”

Reena estimates that Chahat consumes four times the amount of food compared to a normal child her age. She explains, “She doesn’t eat like a normal kid. She keeps eating all the time. If we don’t give her anything to eat, she starts crying.” However, due to her excessive weight, carrying her becomes a challenge for the family. They can only take her to nearby places, despite her desire to explore beyond their immediate vicinity.

The baby’s weight gain has already led to breathing and sleeping problems, further worsening her health. The family’s local doctor in Punjab has been unable to provide a clear diagnosis, leaving them frustrated and helpless. Additionally, Chahat’s abnormally hard skin poses challenges for medical examinations, making it difficult to take blood samples.

Reena reveals, “We don’t have enough money for her treatment, but we do our best to make sure she gets well. But the problem is with her skin. Her skin is so hard that doctors have failed to take a sample from her body.” Despite the doctor’s recommendation to visit a pediatric specialist at the Civil Hospital in Amritsar, financial constraints have prevented the family from seeking advanced medical care.

Dr. Vasudev Sharma, the Kumar family’s doctor, acknowledges the complexity of Chahat’s condition. He stresses the importance of addressing her rapidly increasing size, expressing concern for her well-being. Although the road ahead is challenging, the family remains determined to find a solution and give Chahat the best possible care.

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