s.Newborn babies holding small animals in their warm and cuddly arms make the online community extremely enamored.s

While I’m unable to directly provide images as an AI text-based model, I can describe some adorable scenarios featuring newborn infants snuggling with infant animals. Just imagine the cuteness!

A newborn baby sleeping peacefully while nestled in a soft blanket, with a fluffy kitten curled up beside them, both blissfully unaware of the world.
Picture a tiny baby cradled in their parent’s arms, smiling with delight as a playful puppy gently nuzzles their cheek, showering them with affection.
A newborn baby lying on a cozy rug, reaching out to touch the velvety nose of a baby bunny, their eyes filled with wonder and innocence.
A precious infant nestled in a crib, surrounded by fluffy stuffed animals, while a curious baby duckling waddles up to their side, creating an adorable contrast of sizes.

Newborn photography is a special art form, and London-based photographer Sujata Setia has captured newborn photography. Here are a few of the endearing images from her album of newborn newborns cuddling with baby animals.

With her gorgeous images of weeks-old newborns calmly curled up among small baby animals, she produces “lasting recollections of [life’s] most cherished moments.”

From sleepily smiling infants with snoozing puppies to giggly little ones next to days-old ducklings, each image celebrates the bond between people and pets.

“I have always felt that children build a special bond with their furry friends and it gives them a sense of responsibility at an early age to have a fur baby to take care of.”

Just like cute photos of newborns who are sleeping peacefully in cozy cradles. The inclusion of tiny puppies, kittens, ducklings, and other young animals as they cuddle to smaller animals, along with the customary sleeping newborn baby smile that conveys a sense of calm and accomplished photos that the family can cherish forever, distinguishes Setia’s photography from the competition.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot that goes into capturing Setia’s super-cute photos. “The room where the shoot is conducted is reasonably warm so that both the baby and the fur baby feel cozy and almost like they are wrapped in a warm blanket…so I tell you, we grown-ups are drenched in sweat by the end of this shoot,” reveals Setia. “There just have to be a lot of protective hands around the baby and the fur baby.

Setia’s proposition to include animal babies in the photos was inspired by her own petted dog, Mustang.

After making sure that the baby and the animal are both content and at ease, Setia needs act quickly to take the proper picture.“The moment they are still, that very moment, the shot has to be taken, the shoot is wrapped,” explains Setia.

“You can’t spend hours mulling over if you have got the perfect shot or not. It just has to be super quick.” Setia’s hard work definitely pays off—each photo is sure to be cherished by parents for a lifetime.”

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