Poor Dog Has Something Stuck in His Neck, His Face is Puffy, Without Help the Dog Will Not Live

The incredible journey of mika the rescued dog

It all started with a haunting photo captured on a night vision camera – a poor dog with a swollen face and something deeply embedded in her neck. Her circulation was cut off, and she was in danger of dropping dead at any moment. But hope was not lost for this brave little soul, whom rescuers named Mika.

The rescue team knew they had to act fast. They set up a trap filled with good food, and Mika walked right into it. They rushed her to the vet, eager to give her the life she deserved. After consulting with the doctor, the plan was set in motion. Mika would undergo extensive treatment, including flushing the wound, starting IV for hydration, administering antibiotics for infection, and managing her pain and discomfort. The surgery team was prepared for a challenging procedure, as Mika couldn’t go fully under anesthesia due to her condition. But they were determined to save her.

Despite potential complications, including the removal of the embedded object in her neck, Mika showed signs of progress. Pink skin was visible underneath the swelling, a promising sign of winning the battle. She was a lucky girl, and the rescuers were filled with gratitude for the chance to help her. Mika was estimated to be only 7-8 months old, making her journey all the more heartbreaking.

Days passed, and Mika continued to fight. Her swelling subsided, and she started to eat and receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for relief. Her exposed skin began to heal, granulating and turning pink. The rescue team was overjoyed as they witnessed her transformation. Mika was doing it, defying the odds with her strength and resilience. The rescuers expressed their deepest gratitude to all those who supported their efforts.

On Day 3, Mika’s neck tissue was healthy enough for the surgery team to close the wound. The surgery lasted almost 6 hours, but Mika handled it incredibly well. Her beautiful face was finally free from the swelling, and she was eating, happy, and even silly. The progress was remarkable, and the rescuers were filled with hope.

As days turned into weeks, Mika continued to heal physically and emotionally. She was still fearful of humans, but she was slowly learning to trust. She showed moments of puppy-like playfulness in secret, and the rescuers were patient, taking it one day at a time. Mika’s progress was evident, and she gained weight like a healthy girl. She even made friends with other dogs, which brought joy to her heart.

On Day 11, a heartwarming turn of events took place. Dr. Miranda, one of Mika’s doctors from the surgery team, along with his partner, Dr. Yao, fell in love with Mika and decided to make her a part of their family forever. The rescuers were moved to tears as the stars aligned for Mika, and she found a loving forever home. Gratitude overflowed as they thanked everyone who had believed in their efforts and supported Mika’s journey.

Day 19 marked another milestone for Mika as her stitches were removed. She continued to make progress, slowly coming out of her fears and gaining confidence. She was still shy around humans, but her love for other dogs was evident. Day 80 brought even more good news – Mika had regained her groove! She was still fearful outside, but her love for other dogs and her newfound affection for her mama and papa brought her joy and comfort.

Mika’s journey was a testament to the power of resilience, love, and hope. With the unwavering dedication of the rescue team, the expertise of the veterinary team, and the unconditional love of her adopt

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