Introducing Hénri: The Viral Cat Sporting E͏y͏e͏b͏r͏o͏ws͏ That Set Him Apart

Get ready to fall in love with Hénri, a charming feline hailing from Canada. He quickly became an internet sensation due to his remarkable facial features that set him apart from other cats. With his snowy white fur, black tail, and dark eyebrow markings, Hénri’s expressive face can convey an array of emotions. His eyebrows alone can show concern, surprise, sadness, or fear, making him truly one-of-a-kind. However, there is more to this adorable cat than his striking looks. Hénri boasts a loving and quirky personality, which has won the hearts of many, including his devoted owner, Megan.

Hénri’s journey began when he and his siblings were separated from their mother at just four weeks old. Despite this rough start, he found his forever home and companionship with Megan and her cat Chihiro. While he may have gained internet fame, Hénri remains a content and cherished pet. Discover the heartwarming story of Hénri, his unique eyebrows, and his special bond with Megan by following him on Instagram.

Bored Panda got in touch with Megan, who shared her story about her adorable cat Hénri. We conducted an interview with Megan to learn more about how Hénri came into her life. Megan explained that she had been begging her parents for a cat since she was young, but they were always dog people and never had a cat. However, when Covid began and Megan turned 18, her parents finally agreed to let her get a cat. Megan is a strong advocate for rescuing and adopting pets, so she immediately checked all the local humane societies and shelters for kittens. After only a few days of searching, Hénri (originally named Minx at the shelter) and his littermates appeared at the closest humane society. Megan quickly applied for him and had some virtual interviews with the shelter staff to ensure he would be a good fit for her. Luckily, Hénri’s personality and temperament were exactly what Megan was looking for. Hénri is mostly white, with a black tail and two unique markings resembling eyebrows. Image credits go to mycatwitheyebrows.

The owner of the Instagram account mycatwitheyebrows deserves some serious credit for giving Henri the cat a pair of eyebrows, as they really bring out the emotions on his face.

Megan shared her experience of adopting Hénri, recalling that the interviewer was impressed with her love for cats and how excited she was to have her first one. Despite the competition from hundreds of applicants, Megan was selected because the interviewer believed Hénri would make her experience more joyous. When questioned about how she came up with Hénri’s name, Megan explained it was an inside joke within her family, derived from a French-accented name of someone who dog-sat for them in Quebec during her childhood. The name was chosen because it sounded refined and gentlemanly, which fit Hénri’s persona perfectly. It’s worth noting that Hénri’s parents are Turkish Van cats.

Credit for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows. When the feline was just under a month old, it and its littermates were given up for adoption.

Afterwards, we were curious about the typical reactions that people have when they meet Hénri. Megan told us: “It’s always hilarious and leaves people in awe for a few moments! I think people are initially taken aback by how much his markings make it seem like he’s genuinely experiencing emotions, and then it becomes something amusing that we can all enjoy and adore him for. He’s even more adorable and comical in person somehow. He’s quite clumsy and peculiar as a cat, and his expressions make everything even more entertaining. When visitors arrive, he’ll stare at them from his cat tower with an expression of utter shock and concern, which is really amusing!” Megan had a strong urge to adopt a cat, and she and Henri formed an immediate bond.

As soon as she laid eyes on the cat, its “eyebrows” immediately caught her attention, especially since the feline was quite tiny. The unique feature of these furry brows made the cat even more endearing. Credit goes to mycatwitheyebrows for capturing such an adorable image.

Whenever I return home, my feline buddy never fails to put a smile on my face with his adorable facial expressions. He’s a social butterfly and loves having guests over. It’s wonderful to see him enjoy the company of others and meet new people. My parents, friends, and relatives often drop by to say hello, and he’s always enthusiastic about greeting them and leaving his scent on them. It’s a joy to have such a welcoming and charming cat as a companion. Credits for the image go to mycatwitheyebrows.

Acknowledgement: The picture credits go to mycatwitheyebrows.


Credit for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

The viral story of Hénri has been making rounds and we were curious to know how Megan is handling the sudden attention that her beloved cat is receiving. Upon asking her, she exclaimed, “I am completely overwhelmed and grateful for everything that has happened in such a short span of time! It’s unbelievable how one viral video, which has now garnered almost 3 million views, can turn things around! With the internet and social media being so unpredictable and extremely saturated, it’s hard to fathom what might happen. But the fact that Hénri has reached such a massive audience is beyond belief! I wasn’t exactly surprised, but I also didn’t anticipate this level of reach! In essence, when you put out content, you never know who might stumble upon it or what could happen next!”

Every now and then, Henri looks at individuals with a look of genuine concern on his face. It’s quite amusing since his darkly shaded “eyebrows” are what add to this expression. Image credits go to mycatwitheyebrows.

We inquired about Hénri’s relationship with his feline companion, Chihiro. Megan assured us that although she owns many small pets, she introduced another cat to Hénri’s territory with caution and thorough research. To ensure the best possible outcome, she acquired a kitten of the same gender and allowed them to communicate through the door for some time. When they finally met, they hit it off immediately! While Hénri is laidback and enjoys sleeping and grooming, Chihiro is more outgoing and active, resulting in a perfect balance between the two. On another note, Hénri is a bit shy and has a peculiar habit of chewing with his mouth. Credits to the image belong to mycatwitheyebrows.

Cats find comfort in chewing, which also seems like they are communicating. The action of chewing is a way for them to self-soothe and feel relaxed. This behavior is often observed in cats, and it is one of their natural instincts. It is fascinating how they use different ways to express themselves. In this case, chewing gives them a sense of comfort and security. A cat that chews frequently might be telling you that they are feeling anxious or stressed. So if you notice your furry friend doing this, try to see what could be causing their discomfort and help them feel better.

These two feline friends have become the ultimate duo, as they refuse to be separated! Whenever one is taken away from the other, a chorus of cat screams fill the air. It’s clear that they have formed an unbreakable bond, often found snuggled up together on their favorite spots around the house. Hénri seems overjoyed to have found a new best friend and can often be seen curiously exploring new things alongside his feline sibling. Although Henri has his odd moments of clumsiness, he is still loved by all who meet him – especially his new furry companion. All in all, they are two of the sweetest cats we’ve ever come across!

My feline friend with eyebrows thoroughly enjoys kneading on blankets as it is his go-to hobby that can keep him occupied for extended periods. All credit for the adorable image goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

Building a strong and fulfilling relationship with your feline companion may require some effort, but it is well worth it. As someone who battles mental illness, my cats have been a source of comfort and stability during trying times. They possess remarkable therapeutic qualities that have helped me tremendously, and I cherish them dearly. Initially, I created this account to share cute pictures of my cats with my friends and family, instead of bombarding them with hourly updates (which I must admit, I still do!). However, it brings me immense joy to see my cat gain his own followers and brighten up people’s days. He has a distinct personality that sets him apart, and I am grateful that others can appreciate and enjoy him as much as I do. Additionally, one of his favorite activities is lounging by the window and observing the world outside.

Megan finds Henri to be an amazing companion who helps her cope with her mental disability. Credit goes to mycatwitheyebrows for capturing Henri’s unique features in the image.

Our curiosity led us to ask Megan about Hénri’s happiness and the things she does to ensure it. According to her, Hénri is generally a happy cat as long as he can take naps or have company. His love for blankets is undeniable, and he’ll knead and purr contentedly on any blanket he can find. Megan makes sure to keep one or two in the room, even during hot weather, and her bed always has a blanket for him. Though not a big climber, Hénri enjoys lounging on his cat tree. He’s a laidback cat who likes to do as he pleases, but Megan keeps him busy and enriched by frequently changing up their toys and furniture arrangements. Lastly, when Hénri approaches her, he rubs his head against her and seeks close support. Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows

The one with adorable eyebrows in the picture is accompanied by a buddy named Chihiro. Photo credit goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

Inquiring about Megan’s cats’ love for adventure, we discovered that she shares their passion for the great outdoors. She considers herself a nature enthusiast and spends most of her time outdoors when the weather is favorable. She also attempts to involve her cats in her outdoor activities whenever possible. Megan enjoys bird watching, and her feline companions seem to relish it as much as she does. While she intends to train them to wear harnesses eventually, they are presently becoming accustomed to their stroller, which is progressing smoothly. Megan would like to construct a catio in the near future since she opposes letting cats roam outside due to safety concerns for both the cats and the local ecosystem. Nevertheless, she recognizes the significance of outdoor exploration to cat enrichment. The two cats also enjoy exploring the outdoors together, as evidenced by their photographs.

The credits for the image used in this content go to the Instagram account mycatwitheyebrows.

Attribution: The photo used in this piece belongs to mycatwitheyebrows.

Rewritten: The credit for the image used in this article goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

The credits for the image belong to mycatwitheyebrows.

From time to time, Megan imagines the possibility of bringing in another cat into their household. This could mean that Henri may have another furry fellow to keep him company in the future.

The credits for the image go to mycatwitheyebrows.

Although he faced difficulties early on, he has now discovered the perfect abode and a caring partner in Megan, along with his feline pal Chihiro. Credits for the photo go to mycatwitheyebrows.

The credits for the picture go to mycatwitheyebrows.

Even though Henri’s tale has spread like wildfire, he remains a happy and beloved companion. Credit goes to mycatwitheyebrows for the image.

Attribution: Photo by mycatwitheyebrows

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