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Amie and Vince Spicecchi updated Cantonrep on the infants’ progress and said they are currently focusing on bringing the newest children home to join the couple’s other two kids, Taylor, 14, and Grady, 5. In the past four months, the five babies—four girls and one boy—who were born at 24 weeks and three days have grown tremendously.

The five-year-olds are currently weighing more than 5 pounds, are simply breathing oxygen, have moved from an incubator to an outside cot, and are fed orally rather than through a tube. They are putting on weight quickly, Amie noticed. The heaviest were Enzo who weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces and Paige and Ellie who each weighted 5 pounds 10 ounces. Amazingly, they have increased in size from 1 pound, 9 ounces to five times that much.

According to Vince, they now look like ordinary young people. There are even grease rollers on hand. The infants were all ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) patients who had chest tubes, and several of them got sick while they were in the NICU. The first kid of Paige, Ilah, who had a lung collapse, is being treated for tachycardia, which could get worse as she ages.

To strengthen their relationship with the kids and aid in their development, this couple has spent the previous few months raising kangaroos. Skin-to-skin contact has long been acknowledged as a highly successful method that can reduce the likelihood of early mortality by half. Your heartbeat will soothe your baby to sleep, let them breathe more easily, and let you know if they are too hot or cold. Your baby can also warm or cool themselves by touching your skin.


According to Amie, it may aid with neurological problems, better digestion, easier breathing, and less infections. As important is the creation of a connection between parents and children. Vince was especially amazed at the newborns’ capacity to bond with one another when they were placed close together. They were acquainted, he continued. They will grasp hands and embrace. They will remain a unit.


As they prepared to bring the present boxes home, the couple set up an alcove in the living room to act as the “baby center.” Newborns are currently placed in two cribs until they begin rolling over; after that, they are placed in individual cribs. When they first get home, we’re going to need a lot of assistance, Amie continued. They need to be fed every three hours because they were born prematurely and require all the nutrition they can obtain.

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