We were so touched when the man adopted the dog at the shelter, but the girl refused to abandon her best friend, so the owner adopted them both.ThuHa

When a man strolled into the  in San Francisco to find a pup to bring home, he immediately felt an emotional bond with 3-year-old Pitbull Merrill. But when it was time for him to adopt her, they encountered an issue – Merrill refused to leave behind her best friend at the shelter! The volunteers at Rocket Dog Rescue work hard every day to rescue discarded and mistreated pups from overpopulated shelters.











The mission of Rocket Dog Rescue is to save dogs from being euthanized, and they often rescue those that struggle to find adoptive homes. In 2014, an ailing Pitbull and his eight-year-old Chihuahua companion named Taco were taken in by the organization together. Although no one knew who their former owner was, it became clear that these two had formed an inseparable bond—whenever separated they would whimper until reunited again! Merrill the Chihuahua brought comfort to her larger friend throughout their stay at the rescue; truly heartwarming evidence of friendship’s power.

Not long after, the shelter began to witness first-hand just how strong their bond was when they came in for surrender. Merrill had a severe urinary tract infection and required surgery to survive; Taco couldn’t stop pacing throughout her time under the knife. Once she emerged from surgery, volunteers attempted separating them so that Merrill could recuperate faster but it proved futile; both  were inconsolable without each other’s presence! The staff eventually gave up trying and let these two furry friends stay together until their final days at the shelter.

Taco and Meryl remained devoted to each other in the recovery room, astounding the volunteers with their unwavering loyalty. Despite being incredibly moved by this connection, they also worried that it would make it difficult for them to find homes―past experiences had shown that bonded are typically harder to adopt because most people cannot take two at once.

Desiring to find the perfect home for Taco and Merrill, the shelter listed each of them separately on its website. Unfortunately, since older dogs are more difficult to adopt than younger ones, few people showed an interest in adopting poor Taco. But fortunately, Merrill’s story was different; one day a kind man visited the shelter looking to bring home A pup!

Instantly, the man was taken with Merrill. He had just completed all of his paperwork and as soon as he saw her, it was decided: she would come home with him. But once they took Merrill out of the cage while Taco remained inside it, a loud howling echoed throughout – puzzling the new pet parent. That’s when volunteers revealed that Taco and Merrill were inseparable friends who didn’t want to be apart from one another!

Comprehending their condition, the man was resolute to ensure they stayed together. Although he could only take in one  it ultimately led to a solution that would benefit both of them; so consequently the shelter altered its strategy and decided that keeping the two pals joined at the hip was best for them. After updating their listing on their website with this new development, an incredible volunteer named Jody immediately responded and offered foster care until these inseparable pups found a home!

Miraculously, a family from San Jose discovered the shelter’s website and was smitten with Taco and Merrill. They journeyed to Jodie’s to meet them in person and knew they wanted them in their home right away. Although the pups’ adventure wasn’t over yet-Taco had various health issues due to his age such as asthma, and a dental disease that left him only four teeth-they couldn’t have been more thrilled for their new beginning together.

Initially, the family thought that Taco’s symptoms were minor and could be easily managed at home. Unfortunately, after visiting the vet a month later it turned out to be much more serious than they had imagined: Taco was suffering from an enlarged heart with fluid in his lungs that would soon lead to cardiac arrest if left untreated. He was put on medications while awaiting a specialist appointment right away.

Even though the family had high hopes, they mustered up their most delectable tacos to give Taco Merrill a fighting chance. Despite his advanced years, they showered him with affection and care – just as he wouldn’t leave her best friend at any cost. Gradually yet surely, it was clear that Taco’s condition vastly improved!

After Taco’s health stabilized and he was no longer in danger of heart failure, his respiratory issues persisted. To ensure a good quality of life for him, anti-seizure medications and steroids had to be taken regularly. But even with these burdens, that didn’t stop the furry pup from being happy or playing around with Merrill – who is er so energetic and enthusiastic entering adulthood!

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