Two Pitiful Cat Sisters Born With a Rare Deformity, Without Hind Legs, but They Still Live to the Fullest

Despite being born with a rare anomaly of having no hind legs, Frog and Newt, two little kittens from Liverpool in the UK, are living life to the fullest. These brother and sister duo quickly adapted to their unique condition and learned to walk confidently on just their two front legs, using their tails to help them balance.

Their story began when their owner posted their photos on social media in an effort to find them a suitable home. Volunteers from a local shelter came across the post and offered to take care of the kittens. It was a first for the UK to have two-legged cats born with this condition.

It is suspected that Frog and Newt may have been born with missing legs due to their parents being closely related. However, despite their physical differences, these kittens are just as active, curious, and cheerful as any other cats. They have even learned to jump on chairs, sofas, and armchairs, showcasing their determination and adaptability.

The volunteers at the shelter are closely monitoring the health and behavior of Frog and Newt as they continue to grow. As they get older and their body weight increases, they may require special strollers to help them maintain their balance. The hope is that these two special kittens will find loving and caring forever homes, where they will be cherished and provided with the support they need.

Frog and Newt’s story is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of animals, and a reminder that disabilities do not define their worth or ability to live a happy life. With the right care and support, these two unique kittens have a bright future ahead of them, and it is hoped that they will find a loving home where they can continue to thrive.

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