The “Snow Princess”, known for her alluring white locks

A young girl from Yakutia has sparked online discussions in Russia and other countries. She is known by various names, such as the “Snow Queen,” “Sierian Daenerys,” and “Porcelain Girl,” due to her fair complexion and pale hair.

The genetic makeup of northern Russian peoples and alpinism contributed to her unique beauty. Standing out among her family members, she is the only one with blonde hair and the first to appear on both sides.

According to photographer Vadiм Rufoʋ, she is the most extrovert person he has met. Despite receiving offers from modeling and advertising agencies, her mother believes she should not pursue a modeling career at such a young age.

The mother stated that they have received offers from modeling and advertising agencies, but they do not want her to work yet. “As she grows up, she will have the freedom to choose her spouse.” However, Nariyana seems to have a clear preference.

“Now that I ask, she wants to be a doll.” Despite the adoration from the audience, Nariyana a regular person who enjoys dancing and drawing in her free time.

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