The Poor Dog Was Abused by His Owner, Drugged and Discarded, He Was in Pain, Desperately Wearing Flies Swarming Around Me

The heartbreaking story of King, a loyal dog, who was suddenly drugged, has brought tears to many eyes. King’s situation was dire, with his mouth seriously damaged, he lay still on the corner of the street, ignoring the flies that surrounded him. All he wanted was to live peacefully until his last breath, and we could not do anything but accept the situation.

However, we were determined to make it possible for King to grant his little wish of living out his days in peace. Despite his condition, we worked tirelessly to ensure that King received the care and attention he deserved.

We were relieved to see that King was improving, and that he was still alive. On one cold night, we turned on the heater to keep him warm. He had to endure an enema three times to get rid of the worms, and we spent the day with him to ensure that he was taken care of.

King had a corneal ulcer, and his vision was significantly limited. We were worried about him, and we did everything we could to help him see again. We cleaned his mouth area with alcohol after he finished eating, and we made sure that he only ate thin soups to prevent the infection from spreading.

King was still eating with us, and he still thought that he was hungry and would not have food. It broke our hearts to see him like this, but we were determined to help him. We took him to the vet in the capital for treatment, despite his reluctance to be locked in a cage.

Despite all the obstacles, King remained a loyal dog, and we were grateful for his presence in our lives. His situation was dire, but we were determined to make his final days as comfortable as possible. We will always remember King and his unwavering loyalty, and we will continue to honor his memory.

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