The mother’s burden: The pregnant dog’s belly was alarmingly swollen, causing urgent concern and a silent sacrifice that moved us.ThuHa

in Kansas, USA, the owners of a Chuhuahua dog breed decided to give her to a shelter. The reason is that she got pregnant. They did not want to deal with difficult births that occur in this breed, and then still deal with offspring.

So the dog ended up in a shelter called Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption. Here, one of the organization’s volunteers noticed that the chihuahua’s belly was too big. The animal seemed to have swallowed a ball, which only increased.


It was surprising, because for the animal it was the first pregnancy. And her age was very small – only eighteen months. There were only a few days left before the birth, so the volunteers were in a hurry to find a place for the girl.

A day later, we managed to find kind people for the pregnant chihuahua – Rebecca and her family. They were not afraid of responsibility and were ready to take birth. The dog was named Lol.

She went into labor on time. People expected a dog to have no more than six puppies. What was their surprise when the seventh, eighth, ninth puppy began to appear one by one in the chuhuahua.


And at that moment, when the owners thought that the birth was over, the tenth puppy was born to the dog. Then Rebecca called Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption and talked about an unprecedented birth. But as soon as she hung up, Lol’s eleventh puppy was born.

It was just extraordinary. A woman went on the Internet to find out how many puppies a Chihuahua had at most. It turned out that among the recorded cases, at most there were only ten. That is, Lol turned out to be the most mother of many children in her breed. This is a record for the Guinness Book of Records.

Interestingly, the babies were born on March 23rd. In the United States, this day is celebrated as Puppy Day. The mother-heroine gave birth to eight boys and three girls. As Rebecca said, they are all healthy. It was difficult to come up with nicknames for this whole crowd. But the owners coped with this difficult problem.


To find new owners for the kids, Rebecca created a special page on Facebook. Within two months, the puppies found their home. Mom stayed with Rebecca and her family. For them, she became a member of the family.

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