The Mother Dog Was Thrown Into the Street in Hunger and Cold, but She Still Tries to Take Care and Protect the Best Cubs

Despite facing unimaginable suffering and cruelty, Gala, a mama dog, showed incredible love and dedication towards her seven small puppies. She was heartlessly thrown away with her newborns, but a kind-hearted person made her a bed of straw and alerted a local animal rescue organization for help. The nearby road was dangerous, and Gala was in extremely poor health.

Upon arriving at the rescue organization, Gala was immediately given emergency care and taken to their infirmary. It was evident that Gala’s health was not good, and she was extremely emaciated. Despite her own condition, Gala continued to care for her puppies with unwavering love and devotion. The organization decided to keep Gala in the infirmary with her puppies due to her fragile health.

A few days later, Gala started showing symptoms of uterine inflammation, a life-threatening condition. The rescue organization’s fears were confirmed, and Gala had to undergo emergency surgery. Thankfully, she pulled through the surgery and was recovering, albeit a bit tired. The organization continued to provide her with the care and support she needed to regain her strength.

Last week, the resilient and loving Gala was finally able to go to one of the organization’s partner animal shelters. Here, she will be able to live with her puppies and receive ongoing care and attention. Despite the challenges she has faced, Gala continues to demonstrate her remarkable spirit and unwavering dedication to her puppies.

Gala’s story serves as a reminder of the resilience and unconditional love that animals, especially motherly instincts, possess. Despite enduring cruelty and neglect, Gala’s fierce love for her puppies never wavered. Her journey also highlights the importance of animal rescue organizations and the critical role they play in providing emergency care and support to animals in need.

As Gala settles into her new environment, surrounded by love and care, her story also serves as an inspiration to others to treat animals with kindness and compassion. Her unwavering dedication to her puppies in the face of adversity is a testament to the incredible bond between animals and their offspring. Gala’s story will continue to be a beacon of hope, reminding us all of the resilience of the animal spirit and the power of compassion in healing wounds, both physical and emotional.

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