The determined dog adopted a kitten, despite species barriers to begin a long journey of love that touched us so much.ThuHa

The Doberman is a canine breed that has been wrongly demonized since it is widely seen as aggressive and even wicked. But, like all dogs, they may become the loveliest animals on the planet with a little time, patience, and love.

We’ll offer Ruby’s argument if they’re still not convinced. One of six Doberman pinschers residing at Brittany Callan’s home in the United States, who took in an orphaned kitten with a big heart.

The woman discovered the kitten approximately a week ago at the workplace where her husband worked. She knew she couldn’t leave him there, so she took him home to keep him safe.

Ruby had just given birth to a litter of six puppies and was currently caring for them. For the same reason, it was simple for her to accept the rescued kitten and add him to her growing family of babies.

Brittany said of her puppy, “I was intended to be a mother to any animal.” Previously, the dog has accepted rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, and ducks, among other animals.

Which led Brittany to believe that Ruby would ultimately look after the kitten. After a few attempts to create trust between the two, the cat latched onto one of Ruby’s breasts, and magic was born. During the first three or four weeks of life, Ruby’s milk fulfills a large portion of the kitten’s nutritional needs. The mom has also been providing her with nutrients and formula to compensate for her deficiencies.

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