She suffered in long time without help try to feed her puppies for survived until she can’t

Over Christmas 2019, a child saw a mother dog with her puppies. The girl attempted to capture the mother dog and the kids, who were covered in blood, but she wasn’t prepared. The mother dog fled because she was afraid.

Food was used to entice the mother, who had vaginal tamor or chunk wounds, but she remained wary of others. The girl asked for help from a catcher, a veterinarian, and rescuers.

However, it had been a difficult mission.

A three-hour chase ended with their capture. Fortunately, the girl was able to transport the infants home in her car while holding them in her arms.

Sadly, the mother dog died, and the girl had no alternative but to abandon the puppies.

These dogs are adult now, so this woman is prepared to have a closeup view of them. You can watch them having a blast with their guardian spirit in the video below.

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