Seven years after going through menopause, a 57-year-old woman gives birth to a pair of twins

After 27 years of marriage and 7 years post-menopause, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, pictured above, have welcomed a set of twins, a girl and a boy. Olupage, the photographer, posted their testimonies on IG. Take a look at the text down here At age 57, …After being married for 27 years,…

Menopause: 7 Years Later…Jesus would not disillusion them or dismiss their cause. They went from sobbing to dancing because of him. He sang triumph to them, and it was lovely. He blessed them with a baby boy and baby girl who were both healthy and happy.

We add our voices to those of the Josephs in praising Him everywhere, for He is the God of great miracles: ONISE IYANU! He will help you just like He helped Joseph’s mother and father. Maintain your unwavering devotion to God.

Prepare to praise Him now. Show Him your undivided worship right away. …Asante sana! Lord, you are the creator of miraculous things. I have experienced Your might. Asante sana! You have been very gracious to me.

Way beyond what I should expect What my senses have seen and heard What a miracle Your praise is The entire universe is in awe of You. Together, we thank You and praise You.

Your words have the power to change everything. Your extended hand Is raising me up The fetters and mounts have been removed. That restraint me

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