Rihanna spotted stepping out with rocks sweats and a pair of sparkly platform heels in New York


She is a glamorous, jet-setting star.

Additionally, Rihanna dazzled with yet another airport appearance when she was spotted on Thursday arriving in New York City.

Out and about: Rihanna served up yet another dazzling airport look when she was glimpsed arriving in New York City on Thursday

The pop artist, 31, accessorized her jewelry collection with drop earrings and donned a tangle of sparkling necklaces, including a cross.

Wearing glittery platform heels to contrast with her black sweatpants, Rihanna navigated the airport with a transparent carry-on bag.

She was pictured on Instagram the day before, looking considerably less, while modeling underwear for her Savage X Fenty Valentine’s Day line.

Bejeweled: The 31-year-old pop star wore a tangle of dazzling necklaces including a cross, adding to her bauble collection with drop earrings

Wearing a matching anorak that slid seductively down her arms, she was seen in the latest photo cupping one of her breasts while sporting red underwear. 

Late last year, during New York Fashion Week, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand made a big impression with her star-studded spectacular.

The blowout performance, which featured celebrities including DJ Khaled, Laverne Cox, and Cara Delevingne, was recorded and made available on Amazon Prime.

In transit: Popping on a pair of massive sunglasses, she warded off the wintertime chill with a black fleece jacket over a thick sweater

Despite a frenzy of fan speculation that she might release her ninth studio album in 2019, New Year’s Day passed and the music remained unheard.

Nonetheless, the record is already in production, and the stunning Barbadian talked to Vogue last fall about some of the material that fans will find enjoyable.

I prefer to think of it as an album that is either reggae-infused or influenced by it. It won’t sound like the reggae you’re used to. However, you’ll be able to feel the elements in each song,’ stated Rihanna, whose most recent album, Anti, was released in 2016.

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