Rihanna faces criticism for holding son RZA upside down at his second birthday party


The ‘Disturbia’ hitmaker is the mother of two boys: Riot Rose, who is nine months old, and RZA, who just turned two.

A few people expressed concerns about the way she held her son. (itsjazzy.b/Instagram)

RZA’s well-known parents, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, threw him a private party at Color Factory in New York on Saturday to celebrate his second birthday, which fell on May 13.

Jasmine B. Cook, who attended the party, posted some pictures of RZA’s special day on Instagram, and they looked like a ton of fun.

The child’s cutout photographs and several cute pillows with his face were present at the pink-themed celebration.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna seen with their sons (itsjazzy.b/Instagram)

In one video, the mother of two was seen holding her oldest son by the ankles while posing for pictures with Rihanna, A$AP, Riot Rose, and RZA.

Then she laughed and swung him from side to side.

Although it seems like RZA was having a blast, some have questioned how the singer was handling her two-year-old since the video went viral.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's Son RZA Is Two! | Essence

It’s inappropriate to hold a small child in that manner! However, she didn’t hold him upside down for too long, so it didn’t harm him,” someone commented.

This isn’t the only Rihanna video that has been making the rounds lately; back in March, a video of her dancing at the son of the richest man in India went viral, sending her fans into a frenzy.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's lavish party for son Rza's second birthday - 9Honey

The singer had opened at the extravagant event earlier in the evening, and afterwards she partied with a few of the attendees.

Rihanna reportedly received an incredible $6 million for her performance.

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