Poor Mother Dog, Abandoned in a Filthy Dark Place, With No Food, Weakly Begging for Help With Her Soon-to-be Babies

There was a pregnant mother dog who lived in a dirty, small space. She was neglected by her owner, who never gave her proper medical attention, even as her due date approached. As a result of her prolonged neglect, the mother dog became severely malnourished, and her health began to deteriorate rapidly.

Fortunately, the team from WE.A.C.T, a local animal rescue organization, came to her rescue just in time. They were alerted to the dog’s plight by a kind-hearted neighbor who had noticed the mother dog’s condition. The rescue team immediately took the dog to a veterinarian for a checkup, and it was then discovered that she was expecting two puppies.

And that same day she gave birth to two adorable puppies, a boy named Tiger and a girl named Tiara. Sadly, Tiara was born with a congenital disease, possibly a result of her mother’s poor nutrition and lack of proper care during her pregnancy. Tiara’s condition was very serious, and she had to be hospitalized immediately.

She had developed hydrocephalus and meningitis which made it impossible for her to eat on her own, and she was very weak. The kind mother dog was very worried and always stayed close to her two small puppies. She was heartbroken to see Tiara in so much pain. Tiara’s treatment was difficult, but the vet and the animal rescue team worked tirelessly to save her.

Tiara’s eyes can’t see… Pus has flowed. Tiara’s condition is critical. Pray to this angel. After many surgeries, Tiara’s health has improved a bit. He can get up and move.

Tiara is getting used to a wheelchair, hopefully he will do well in the future. Gradually, she began to recover.

The mother dog never left her side, always watching over her and comforting her whenever she needed it. Finally, the day came when Tiara was well enough to be reunited with her mother and brother.

The mother dog was overjoyed to have her family back together, and Tiara was delighted to be reunited with her mother and brother. The kind people who had rescued them were over the moon to see them all happy and healthy. From that day on, the mother dog and her two puppies, Tiger and Tiara, lived in a safe and comfortable environment, with plenty of food, water, and love.

They were grateful to the kind people who had rescued them from their previous life of neglect and were excited to begin their new life together as a happy family.

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