Poor Innocent Dog Was Brutally Abused and Abandoned on the Side of the Road, Crying in Pain Hoping Someone Would Help

Harbin Li Liu Small Animals Rescue Camp received a distressing call for help from a community located west of Harbin city. A dog, believed to be a Doberman, was abandoned and appeared to be sick. The rescue staff quickly mobilized and headed to the location to investigate.

Upon arrival, the rescue team found the abandoned dog, who had been left outside for days. His ears and tail were trimmed and severely rotten, and he was bleeding from a nail that had been carved into his flesh. The poor dog was suffering from late-stage canine distemper and hadn’t eaten for several days, yet his belly was big. The rescue staff quickly took the dog to the pet hospital for treatment.

Dr. Song confirmed that the dog was suffering from late-stage canine distemper and was in very bad condition. His tail had been cut off by his owner, a cruel act that had not been done professionally. The dog was a young puppy, only two months old, and his suffering was unimaginable. The rescue staff did everything they could to save the puppy, but it was too late. After five days of continuous treatment, the little Doberman passed away quietly in the arms of Mother Li.

It was heartbreaking to see such cruelty towards an innocent animal. The puppy had suffered so much in his short life and didn’t deserve to be treated this way. It is disturbing to think that someone could be so cruel and heartless towards an innocent creature. This type of abuse towards animals needs to be stopped, and laws should be put in place to protect them from such harm.

The rescue staff hopes that the little Doberman will be remembered and that his story will inspire others to treat animals with love and compassion. Every animal deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. May he rest in peace, and may his memory inspire us all to do better for the animals that share our world.

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