‘One day as a queen’: Rihanna spotted in dancing to sent A$AP Rocky touching messages she throws him a lavish 35th birthday bash on a boat


In brand-new footage posted to Instagram on Sunday, Rihanna was seen cuddling up to boyfriend A$AP Rocky while throwing him an amazing 35th birthday celebration on an opulent boat. 

Birthday bash! Rihanna, 35, was seen affectionately dancing up on boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, as she threw him a memorable 35th birthday bash on a lavish boat in new videos shared to Instagram on Sunday

The 35-year-old Diamonds hitmaker, who was made fun of by his former partner Drake on his most recent album, was captured on camera by Erika, a partygoer, having a little fun with the rapper as part of his birthday celebrations. 

Party time! Confetti covered the ground as the songstress lovingly wrapped her arms around Rocky's waist

In a video that was posted alongside her own narratives, Rihanna and the Am I Dreaming singer stood close to one another on a nighttime boat with other intimate friends and visitors. 

Adorable: In one clip that was shared to her own stories, Rihanna and the Am I Dreaming hitmaker stood closely together while surrounded by other close friends and guests on the boat

Green lights glowed in the dim room, and a large bar sat behind the stars. The singer tenderly encircled Rocky’s waist with her arms while confetti littered the floor. 

More confetti was tossed toward them as he threw his left arm around her shoulders. 

Big smile: His left arm was draped over her shoulders and they were seen pausing for photos together while more confetti was thrown in their direction

In the subsequent video, music played loudly in the background, and the guests were shown encouraging the rapper as he moved forward to the song. 

The camera panned over to Rihanna, who was on the opposite side of the dance floor showcasing her own moves, as he gestured with his finger to someone in the close vicinity. 

Showing off some moves: He pointed his finger and motioned to someone in the near distance, and the camera then panned over to Rihanna who was on the other side of the dance floor showing off moves of her own

She started dancing in A$AP Rocky’s direction, and as the throng surrounded the couple, the singer and her girlfriend embraced. 

Another video featured Rihanna and her companions having a good time “dancing off,” along with the rapper and some of his friends. 

Erika not only recorded adorable moments between the two celebrities, but she also recorded some of the party’s décor, such a big sticker that said, “A$AP Rocky’s 35th!” that was placed on the floor. 

Loving: She began to dance over towards A$AP Rocky and the singer fell into an embrace as the crowd surrounded the pair

A photo station and silver and white balloons adorned one of the boat’s rooms. There was also a white cake on display, shaped like a shell and filled with edible pearls. 

The guest wrote at the bottom of the reel, “You did that, Sis @badgirlriri.” This yacht has all the details just right.’ 

Rocky and Rihanna were photographed leaving their New York City hotel earlier on Friday. The singer was wearing high-waisted denim pants and a busty white crop top. 

Celebration: Another clip showed a fun 'dance off' between the rapper and some of his pals and Rihanna as well as her friends

She accessorized the chic look with an unbuttoned denim jacket, which she used to remain warm during the chilly evening hours. 

To accessorize her appearance, the Love On The Brain singer put on a pair of black heels, black sunglasses, and statement jewelry. 

A$AP also looked impressive in a roomy brown suit with a simple white shirt underneath. In addition, he wore shades and had a woven bag that he carried on his shoulder. 

Decorated: The dim space was lit up with green-colored lights and behind the stars was a spacious bar

The stylish ensembles they wore were also the identical ones that the celebrities wore in the footage from the birthday celebration. 

The party was thrown soon after Drake seemed to disparage his former partner Rihanna on many occasions in the biting lyrics of his recently released song Fear Of Heights.

From 2009 through 2018, there were intermittent reports of a romance between the music singers, and since their breakup, there have been allegations that Drake was unable to move on.

Another swipe: As the song went on, he sniped that 'the sex was average with you' and even seemed to take aim at her current relationship with A$AP Rocky; couple seen in May in NYC

But in his latest song, 36-year-old Drake spat, “Why do they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you?” indicating that he had moved on. That is not possible.

‘Gyal can’t ruin me,’ he continued, seeming like a jab at Rihanna’s Barbados accent.

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