From Desolation to Resurrection: The Miraculous Survival of T Clark, Left to Perish in a School Dumpster.ThuHa

 If dog’s are man’s best friend, how could it be that someone abandoned Clark by tossing him into a dumpster in a rural corner of Blakely, Georgia?

The terrified dog was abandoned after being thrown in the trash behind an elementary school when it was closed for Spring Break. Clark would have died if it hadn’t been for a teacher who had come to work in her classroom.

Clark, welcome to the Blakely Animal Shelter. Debbie, a shelter volunteer, begins his heartbreaking story:

Clark’s demeanor is that of a downtrodden dog. He avoids eye contact and is terrified. When he was rescued and taken to the shelter, he retreated to a kennel corner, hung his head low, and barely moved.

“He is terrified of humans,” Debbie Wise McDonald said on the Friends of the Blakely Animal Shelter Facebook page. “Have I recently indicated that we humans do not deserve the vastly superior creatures called as ‘Man’s Best Friend’?” They may be our best buddy, but they are not ours.”

Message Debbie if you know who threw Clark in the dumpster. All information will be kept private.

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