‘Dutiful Daughter’: Inside new luxury five-bedroom mansion Rihanna surprises her mother Monica


Throughout Rihanna’s eagerly awaited interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter last night, many tears were shed.

Big surprise: Rihanna surprised her mother Monica during her interview with Oprah last night, by gifting her with a five bedroom mansion in Barbados

Highly anticipated: Rihanna discussed all aspects of her life in the huge one hour special

When the 24-year-old singer opened up to the talk show host about her connections with her father, who she is estranged from, and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, she started crying.

Moment: Rihanna gave her mother the mother of all gifts during the one hour special

But during the hour-long event, there were also a lot of joyful moments and one very big surprise.

When Rihanna received a brand-new, five-bedroom Barbados home as a present from her adored mother Monica Braithwaite, she was taken aback.

Naturally, Oprah, who is renowned for surprising a lot of visitors on her talk show with extravagant acts of kindness, was the ideal person to be involved in the ruse.

In classic Oprah fashion, the talk show host summoned Monica to the house to make the big surprise, feigning to be interviewing her daughter for the program.

Tiny box: Rihanna opened up a tiny ring box which contained the key to the abode

Monica was instantly enthralled with the stunning property as she came with her kid, Rihanna’s brother Rajad, and the singer’s aunt.

While strolling around the poolside with the group, Oprah informed Monica of her “good daughter’s” surprise.

Rihanna gave her mother a hug and exclaimed, “Oh mommy, you are so cute,” almost bursting into tears.

Monica was perplexed and worried as she looked at her daughter.

“No, I’m not expecting!” Give it up. “She seems like. Oh my god, what is it?” laughed Rihanna.

The whole family: Rihanna's mother arrived with the singer's brother Rajad and her aunt

The music sensation then made the big revelation, turning to face her mother and saying in a solemn tone, “I wanted to do this for you for a very long time,” before gathering herself again. You receive the key to this house tonight for being such a wonderful mother, role model, and soldier.Monica looked around in disbelief and couldn’t hold back her cries.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry… Are you telling the truth? She let out a cry and raised her hands to her face, saying, “Oh my goodness.”

Indeed. You alone, girl, are responsible for this. Examine your surroundings. With a proud smile, Rihanna continued, “Look at the pool.”

Tour: The family and Oprah took a big tour around the five bedroom mansion

Then Monica realized that her very first visitor to the house was the queen of daytime television.

“I have to have a wall-mounted picture of you.” “Oprah is my first guest, and she is amazing,” she exclaimed.

Oprah stated that Rihanna decorated the living room of her gorgeous five-bedroom home with inspiration from her grandmother’s exquisite china.

Oprah, her mother, and the rest of the family had a tour of the home before sitting down to sip champagne.

Beautiful: The mansion sits on the idyllic island of Barbados

Monica explained to Oprah why she was so pleased with her kid.

“Because she has continued to be so modest and intimate with her family.” To us, she is still Robyn. I am incredibly proud of that, she declared.

She also disclosed to the host of the talk show that she is “not yet” forcing her daughter to find a new partner.

Then Oprah and the family joined in as Rihanna raised her glass.

Fancy a dip? The home also features a huge swimming pool in the grounds

“I’d like to raise a glass to one of your visits to my house.” And now, her house, her house. And to the family guy, positive energy, love, joy, and all of you. “Cheers!” she exclaimed.

In stark contrast, earlier in the conversation, Rihanna showed Oprah her former family home, where she was raised from the age of five until the first time she left Barbados at the age of sixteen to pursue a career in music.

Permitted entry into the little bungalow by the current occupants, Rihanna and Oprah explored the space.

Where it all started: Rihanna lived in the family home for 11 years

The father mentioned to Oprah and Rihanna that visitors frequently stop by to take pictures of the little house.

During yesterday night’s chat with Oprah, Rihanna talked about a lot of difficult times as well, particularly in reference to her relationship with singer Chris Brown, who is well-known for physically abusing her in 2009.

Tears: Rihanna talked about a lot of dark moments on last night interview with Oprah, especially in relation to her relationship with Chris Brown who notoriously physically assaulted her in 2009

The singer told the talk show host that she “still loves him” even though he left her injured and broken in the street after a severe beating. The couple are still “very close friends.”

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