Co-joined twins successfully separated after a remarkable 27-hour operation

On 12 August, after seven months of meticulous planning, our Acibadem Healthcare team was the first private hospital in Turkey to perform this difficult and highly complex surgery.

In July of the year 2020, Elizabeth and Mary, two sisters from Cameroon, were born joined at the hips. They also had similar systems, including the same spinal cord, digestive system, and neurovascular framework. At nine months old, the twins were taken to Acibadem Altunizade Hospital, where they were treated by a multi-specialty team of sixty healthcare professionals led by specialty professors in urology, radiology, physical medicine, the intensive care unit, rehabilitation, and cardiovascular surgery.

In order to plan the surgery in advance, they spared no effort and collaborated with the bio-design team at Acbadem University to create a three-dimensional dummy of the twins. Their parents were overjoyed beyond words.

We were on cloud nine when we saw them wiggle around in their own beds in their own rooms. Acibadem Healthcare Group has excellent doctors and other staff members, and we are grateful to them all. They helped us feel comfortable and prepared for this difficult procedure.

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