Charming Green Tiny House: A Perfect Retreat


Green Cute Tiny House

We continue to discover magnificent, new tiny houses that are different from each other. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Green Cute Tiny House’, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

The tiny house idea is spreading rapidly among people and the demand for these houses is increasing day by day. Living in a tiny house is difficult for some and simple for others. It varies according to the lifestyle of the people.

The design of the tiny house is very important. A small area can be brought to a level that can meet all your needs with the right design. For this, you can build your dream tiny house by examining different tiny houses.


This lush green tiny house is located in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. You will find peace in the greenery in this house, which can be rented through Airbnb.

The house is not a guesthouse built in the backyard. It is a cute tiny house positioned on its own private property. Located on a side street in a quiet neighborhood, the house is surrounded by green trees and a fence. Therefore, you may feel like you are away from the city. The most popular spots in East Nashville are close to home.

There are tall old trees in the garden of the house, which is located in a huge fenced yard. You can enjoy the flowers, wildlife and banbu grove in the backyard. You can dine at the table on the stone patio and sip your coffee around the fire pit.

The interior of the house, designed to accommodate 2 people, looks very cute. The objects used in the house add a different atmosphere to the house. The bike hanging on the wall looks very nice.

The living room of the house is very suitable for relaxing, meditating and reading a book. The area with armchairs, dining table, TV, bookcase is very well designed. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment to make good meals. The bedroom looks very cozy with the memory foam double bed.

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