Amazing: A woman in Odessa gave birth to five healthy babies at once

On January 24, 2016, 37-year-old Oksaÿa KoƄeletskaya from Odessa surprised Ukraine by giving a gift to five children in the city center. A set of questions is believed to be a valid case for Ukraine.

Two girls and three boys were present at the office. At this point, she and her husband had a three-year-old daughter, Alice. She and her husband discovered the surprising fact during the first ultrasound.

After an easy pregnancy, she successfully delivered two girls and three boys in a c-section. The events occurred in the 31st week of pregnancy. Their weight increased from 2.4 to 3.9 pounds. Here, they are parents of six children.

Aleksaÿdra, Dariya, Deÿis, Vladislaʋ, and Daʋid gave birth to their children on the same day. The happy couple received a 5-bedroom apartment from Odessa city officials after welcoming their first child. Projects to a few families have shared heartwarming pH values of the quarts for the first time. PH Photographer Jùlia GŅseʋa posted on Instagram: “Deÿis, Vlad, Daʋid, Sasha, and Dasha surprised us with their two-month-olds’ ease of work, resulting in a wonderful story of love.

In the lives of children, colored strings are tied to differentiate them from each other. However, the mother of the quadruplets can do so without assistance. In the Odessa Fire Log, she details the character and temperament of each character.

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