Against the Onslaught: Dog’s Heart-Stopping Encounter with an Oncoming Train, Defying the Unthinkable.ThuHa

The train rushed straight at the dog lying on the rails, and he did not even move. It turns out that the animal was just tied.

The train driver barely had time to stop. At first, he began to honk for the animal to derail, but when he saw that the dog was not moving (and he could not do it), the man decided to stop the transport and save the poor man’s life.


A photo of a pet and its sad story quickly spread around the Internet. One of the volunteers even found the owner of the dog, who, as it turned out, had the nickname Seryoga. The pet turned 14 years old, and the former owner said that he “has outlived his life.” He did not want to confess what he had done, saying that the dog Seryoga had simply run away, and that he did not know anything about what happened to him next …

Be that as it may, the rescued pet, who returned home after being released, could no longer stay with the person who betrayed him. Volunteers put in a lot of effort to help the animal and take it away from its owner.

As soon as the dog was in the hands of volunteers, they took care of his health and at the same time began to look for Seryoga caring owners who will love the old man until the end of his days.

The miracle, which the volunteers were waiting for, soon happened! There were kind people who wanted to give Seryoga a house, despite his age and many illnesses.

No one knows how much is allotted to the dog who has suffered, but he will live the rest of his days in love and care!

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