After six years of infertility, a Nigerian couple welcomed triplets three years after adopting a girl

Hafsat, a Nigerian fashion designer, gave birth to a pair of triplets three years after she and her husband adopted a baby girl. After being married for six years but remaining childless, Hafsat and Aminu reportedly made the decision to become adoptive parents during an interview with Northern Hibiscus.

It’s been three years since they adopted a baby girl, and they gave her the title of princess Zahra. Three years after adopting a baby girl, a Nigerian couple who struggled with infertility for six years is overjoyed to welcome triplets into their family.

Their “reaktro” took place this year when Hafsat became pregnant and on November 13 she gave birth to three healthy boys. On Monday, November 16, Hafsat shared the joyful news with her friends and family on the Facebook page she maintains for her company.

She expressed her gratitude to them for their continued support and prayers throughout the procedure. “Thank you so much, Allah. Thank you so much. In point of fact, Allah demonstrates compassion.

The arrival of three healthy baby boys on November 13, 2020 was truly a miracle for our family,” she explained. We would like to express our gratitude to the All-Powerful. I am grateful for all of your prayers and support that you have provided throughout this journey.

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