Adorable picture of a ‘fat’ baby weighing 5 kg and 2 decimal places. I’m Vu Nhat 138.28-30 minutes 7/16/2023.n

“Resonating Impact: Social Media Buzzes with a Heartwarming Tale of a Baby Boy, His Joyful Babbling, and Adorable Giggles”

The photo posted by the Facebook account of a proud mother gained instant attention as it attracted thousands of likes, shares, and comments within a few hours of posting.

And yet, the baby’s journey was intricately described as having been born with a weight that amazed everyone. Along with lively informality, this is a series of pictures capturing the pure essence of chubby cheeks, pink skin, and chubby chins. Immediately, the baby’s story ignored the attention of netizens.

The baby’s name is his father’s first daughter. The baby girl was born at a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. The doctor was shocked because the baby’s weight was 5 kg, and her body was plump and had rolls.


Normally, newborns weigh about 2.5 to 4 kg. If the weight is less than 2.5 kg, this is considered low birth weight. Conversely, if more than 4 kg, it is considered to be above the standard weight.


Therefore, pediatricians and the doctor who welcomed the baby girl were ‘shocked’ about her weight. The girl makes many people shocked. And surely anyone who sees her will also admire her mother and give her special affection for her cuteness since birth.

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