A Rescued Dog, Given Up for Adoption, Meets a Tragic End She Didn’t Deserve

Everyone hopes that when an animal is rescued, it will find a nice home. Every day, the shelters give hard to rescue and treat animals in need before giving them to good families who will love them for the rest of their lives. Rescuers are filled with hope and encouragement every time a puppy or kitten is handed over to a human.

Unfortunately, there is much evil in the world, and not all tales end happily.

The tale of Manu, sometimes known as Pia, has shattered our hearts and made us question our civilization. She was rescued from the streets of Bogotá by the organization Let’s Adopt With Responsibility when she was extremely young and sick; her skin was quite sick, and she was very afraid.

But, little by little and with a lot of love, their volunteers and staff were mending their physical and mental scars.

Her white hair was reborn healthily, and her bright eyes no longer expressed fear; eventually, a lady brought her home with the greatest intentions to give her the life she deserved. Everyone was overjoyed, especially Manu, but disaster soon arrived disguised as a crime.

Two criminals attempted to grab the phone from its owner when they were walking her; she protested and stole Pia after stabbing her numerous times.

The family phoned the organization that had given Manu to assist them in finding her; they quickly answered the phone and launched a search operation with the police. While her adoptive mother was brought to the La Colina Clinic with critical chest and arm injuries.

They regularly broadcast his photograph so that anybody who could have a lead would not hesitate to contact.

The saddest news came in the morning, when they reported the body of a deceased puppy with the features of Manu; people who had cared for him in the organization went to identify his small body.

They had to check, in tremendous suffering, that it was the puppy, who was just 4 months old.

“I say to my clear eyes, cuddling her lifeless and chilly body, sorry for that, we did not deserve the magnificence of your soul on this world,” they murmured in the shelter.

Her ashes will be donated to the organization that worked so hard to care for her throughout her life. Her mother, who had been released only moments earlier, had to return to the emergency hospital, this time in shock, after hearing the horrible news. It’s awful to realize that human depravity has no bounds; definitely, the criminals destroyed her life and abandoned her body after discovering they may be tracked down by the puppy.

We hope they pay for their crimes at some time, and please do not forget to share this unfortunate story.

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