24 Best Plants for a South Facing Window



Botanical Name: Beaucarnea recurvata

Ponytail Palm is one of the best choices for south-facing windows as it will be more than happy to dwell in the sunny spot all day long!

2. Areca Palm

Botanical Name: Dypsis lutescens

With impressive golden stems and curved fronds, the areca palm is also a great plant for purifying the air. You can keep its growth in check easily in containers.

3. Jade Plant

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Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

Being a succulent, this plant grows best in the full sun, and a south-facing window helps it get that! It looks cute with its glossy, smooth leaves and red tips.

4. Ficus Audrey


Botanical Name: Ficus benghalensis

Ficus Audrey is also called the Indian Banyan and is one of the most common fig trees grown as a houseplant. You can maintain it easily like its cousin, the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

5. Bird of Paradise

Botanical Name: Strelitzia

This plant is often associated with joy and freedom and can be a great tropical centerpiece in your sunny room. It can grow 4-5 feet tall easily in containers.

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig


Botanical Name: Ficus lyrata

With glossy, dark green leaves, it can add drama and texture to any space it is kept in and looks stunning when placed near a south-facing window where its leaves shine in the sun!

7. Aloe Vera

Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

Aloe Vera is another Best Houseplant for South-Facing Windows. It will get all the light it needs there, and you can also harvest its leaves to make fresh juice!

8. Citrus Trees

Botanical Name: Citrus sps.

Wide varieties you can grow near the south-facing windows, like the dwarf kinds of lime, calamondin orange, kumquat trees, and Meyer lemon.

9. Lavender 


Botanical Name: Lavandula

It makes for another good indoor plant as it has minimal care needs and can bring calm and serenity to your home. The big plus is its mesmerizing fragrance!

10. Kalanchoe


Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Grow kalanchoe near your south-facing windows and enjoy this striking beauty in your home. With impressive blooms, it thrives best in full sun.

11. Anthurium


Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum

This beautiful plant can thrive best near a sunny south-facing window and displays its bright pink, red, and white flowers called spathes. 

12. Pencil Cactus

Botanical Name: Euphorbia tirucalli

Here is another beautiful succulent that can be one of the Best Houseplants for South-Facing Windows. It looks subtle while adding drama to the space.

13. Corn Plant

Botanical Name: Dracaena fragrans

With several cultivars, it is one of the most popular air-purifying houseplants among home gardeners, including some types with variegated leaves. 

14. Croton

Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum

Croton is an excellent houseplant for a home with a south-facing window. The leaves display beautiful yellow, copper, pink, orange, and red shades.

15. Hibiscus

Botanical Name: Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a popular Hawaiian plant and can add a tropical touch to any home decor. If you live in a home with south-facing windows, it will be more than happy to flower there!

16. African Milk Bush


Botanical Name: Euphorbia trigona

The African Milk is considered one of the most ornamental houseplants. It can grow impressively tall near a south-facing window.

17. Geranium


Botanical Name: Geranium

You grow these plants indoors if you have a south-facing window where they can receive full sunlight in abundance. This way, you can watch it bloom abundantly.

18. Sago Palm

Botanical Name: Cycas revoluta

Unlike most of this list, this plant naturally belongs to swampy habitats but will be more than happy to dwell in the south corner of your living or bedroom.

19. Jasmine

Botanical Name: Jasminum

Jasmine loves plenty of sunlight, and this makes it a perfect candidate for a south-facing window. It will also add a mesmerizing fragrance with its elegant white blooms. You can also grow it in hanging baskets for an added appeal!

20. Panda Plant


Botanical Name: Kalanchoe tomentosa

The Panda plant thrives best in 6-8 hours of full sunlight. It is easy to grow and does not mind neglect. The best part—it stays compact!

21. Culinary Herbs


If you have space on your south-facing windowsill, then you can grow different herbs of your choice in small pots or mason jars with ease to have a fresh supply for the kitchen.

22. Tiger Jaws


Botanical Name: Faucaria tigrina

Tiger Jaws love bright sunlight and humid weather, so if you have a south-facing window, you can pick this plant to grow easily!

23. Jerusalem Cherry


Botanical Name: Solanum pseudocapsicum

This plant produces dark green cherries that soon turn yellow and red before Christmas. Just make sure to keep it away from pets and children as its berries are not edible.

24. Chrysanthemum

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum

The beautiful flowers of chrysanthemums will bloom in all their glory in the full sun exposure of a south-facing window. Water them regularly and watch the blossoms thrive!

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