Take a look at Rihanna’s early life: breaching FIFA etiquette, holding the trophy with German players by unique way?


Rihanna might have been the life of the party at the World Cup Final after the game, but when she touched the trophy, she might have made a serious mistake.

A flash of fun: Rihanna shared a picture of herself flashing during the World Cup final on Sunday evening

The official World Cup Trophy can only be handled by heads of state and tournament winners, according to FIFA regulation.

Daniel Sturridge and Wayne Rooney of England have previously been made to observe this custom at promotional events in the UK.

However, Rihanna—who had previously raised her shirt inside the Maracana during Germany’s 1-0 victory against Argentina—was seen clutching the solid gold trophy and subsequently disclosed that she had shared a kiss and taken a “selfie” with it.

She's not going unnoticed: Rihanna couldn't be missed as she celebrated amongst the crowd

During the Rio festivities, wives, girlfriends, and kids of the German players were also shown holding the trophy, suggesting that FIFA has loosened its regulations on the 18-carat gold medal.

The singer had been seen earlier at the stadium showing off her leather-look bra as the team was playing.

Deutschland@ The Bajan singer showed she would be supporting Germany over Argentina by posting a picture of herself in a swimsuit featuring their flag's colours

The 26-year-old posted a photo of herself on Twitter showcasing her spirit of the game before sharing a skimpy swimwear photo expressing her love for “her German boys.”

It was therefore not surprise that the Bajan beauty was eager to celebrate with the German team and let her hair down when the final whistle blew.

After their victory, the crew was ecstatic to celebrate with her, and based on the many photos they posted, it looked like a fun-filled evening.

Mexican wave? Rihanna seemed to be very much enjoying the atmosphere at Estadio Maracana

A photo of Rihanna clutching the cup while Podolski and Schweinsteiger kissed her was posted on social media.

Another photo of her features her with the game’s lone goal scorer, Mario Götze, who she wrote, “The shooter aka My hitta #Gotze #Champions.”

The singer tweeted on Monday, evidently still in a celebratory mood following her evening of festivities: “I touched the cup, held the cup, kissed the cup, took a selfie wit the cup!!!” I wonder, “Bruh, what does your bucket list look like?”

She loves the game: Rihanna watches the World Cup Final in Brazil with the host country's flag painted on her neck 

The Diamonds singer chose to dress down for the World Cup final by wearing jeans and a Trapstar sports top during the match.

In addition, she shared a swimsuit selfie in German colors with her fans to show them who she was rooting for.

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